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26 January Speech - Republic Day Speech in English Pdf

My respected Principal Sir and my colleagues would like to say this in today's holy morning. As we all know, we meet here to celebrate 69th Republic Day of our nation. It is auspicious opportunity for all since the year 1950, we are celebrating Republic Day every year with joy.
 Before starting the festival, our Chief Guest of Republic Day hoisted the National Flag of India. Then we all stand and sing our Indian national anthem, which is a symbol of peace in unity in India.
- Speech on 26th January

Our national flag (Tricolor) has three colors and one wheel with 24 equal rods. The orange color of our Indian National Flag reflects the strength of our country. The middle color indicates peace, and green color and prosperity indicate that there is a Nosician blue colored circle in the center of 24 similar spokesmen indicating Ashoka's religion cycle. It is a symbol of progress and progress for 24 hours.

We celebrate Republic Day on 26th January as the Indian Constitution was introduced on this day in 1950.
At the Republic Day celebration, the Government of India has arranged a major arrangement in the Rajpath in front of India Gate of India in New Delhi every year, with the intention of saying "Guest Devo Bhava" of Chief Guest (Prime Minister of another country) Together this is invited to increase the glory of this occasion.
Indian army celebrates Republic Day parade and salutes the national flag. A major exhibition of Indian culture and tradition is also to show the unity of diversity in India by various states of India.

Thank you

Every year in India, January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day. It is celebrated to honor the importance of being a sovereign democratic republic, which is made with the joy and glee of India, which was declared after the implementation of the Constitution of India in 26 January 1950.

 It is celebrated with the British rule to remember the historical freedom of India. This day has been declared by the Indian Government as the night sky in the entire nation. It is celebrated by students in schools, colleges and educational institutions all over the country. Happy Republic Day Speech

The Government of India organizes a program every year in the National Capital, New Delhi. A special parade is organized at India Gate. In order to see this program in Al-Morning, people begin to unite on the Rajpath, in which the three army forces (Army, Army, Air Force) start their Parade from Vijay Chok

There are also various types of arms and ammunition. Army bands, NCC Cadets, and police forces also display their art through various tunes. In the states, this festival is celebrated with joy and glee in the mugs of the governor.

To show the existence of "unity in diversity" after independence in India, different states of the country also display their culture, tradition and progress through special zest. The folk dance is presented by the people on their behalf (prevalent in states). As well as singing, dance, and tiger-machine instead.

At the end of the program, rain flowers of all the three colors (saffron, white and green) are done by the air force. To show the national flag in the sky, some colorful balloons are left in the sky, which look very beautiful. It is a matter of great pride for us that our Constitution in our country is celebrated so well. This Dhoom of Republic Day can only be seen in India.

After all, this truth has been said -

"The Most Beloved The Most Beautiful India Country".

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  1. Wish you a very 26 January Happy Republic Day 2019 to all of you. January 26 is our Republic Day. We celebrate this day every year. In 1950, our India became a sovereign democratic republic and it had its own constitution.
    Source: https://www.26januaryhappyrepublicday.in/

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