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Essay for Students Republic Day

In today i'm  going to tell About some special days of Republic Day.
On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of our country, India was introduced. On this day our country was declared a republic and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was made the first President of India. We celebrate this holy day every year. - Republic Day Speech
The celebration of 26th January in Delhi is celebrated every year with enthusiasm and glee, people of all states display their own culture of the state. Indian Army also demonstrates its force and shows all the weapons. Army jawans perform various kinds of dangerous and surprising acts. And people raise their hues by playing applause. The President flashes the flag and gives salute to the Army's troop, our master proudly gets taller. That these young men protect our country from our heart and give the opposition to the iron gram, the country's seniors are great.
This feeling is also the pride of our country that different languages ​​may be different in its own country, but still it can be seen in this Shobha Yatra.
The Republican Day is celebrated in all the states of Jharkia by different departments in various states. Republic's eve president gives message to country

The poet Devraj has told the truth.

"It comes twenty six January and says every time - conflicts meet the right to live"

Essay for Students Republic Day

Republic Day Essay For Students

Republic Day Essay

Republic Day Eassy and Poem

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