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Every Indian out there knows that the country achieved independence from the British rule on August 15, 1947 and this year marks the 62nd year of independence! Many of us also know from the history books in our schools the recorded sacrifices that were made to regain the sovereignty of our motherland! Equally familiar is the fact that on this day the country celebrates this landmark achievement in its usual customary and colorful ways!  Various cultural events are held, and special shows to honor the martyrs and the surviving freedom fighters are staged. And so another Independence Day quietly comes to an end, the very day our forefathers and great leaders of pre-independent India dreamt of. But for us it is just another national holiday, a mere show of pomp, special shows on television, everything but an occasion to celebrate the spirit of independence, and relive and revive the spirit of fighting!
Independence day poem
Independence day poem

For what reason would it be advisable for us to battle today? Also, against whom? Or then again what is there to battle for? All things considered, as I would like to think we ought to ask ourselves for what reason we have ceased the battle! All things considered, we have such a significant number of bothering issues, of all shapes and sizes, around us! Isn't? Lamentably, today we have 'learnt to live' with these issues and as long as they don't 'seriously' make a scratch on our own lives, we simply couldn't care less! However, have we at any point pondered where we turned out badly! I know this will kick begin habitual pettiness! There is defilement, redtapism that backs off improvement, and there are no great legislators, no pioneers, no vision, no assets, et cetera! In any case, do we additionally understand that we too are in charge of this grim situation? Everybody realizes that there can't be a change medium-term yet I trust we will concur that there must be some starting some place!

poem on Independence day
poem on Independence day

Autonomy versus flexibility

What is autonomy and what is opportunity? For the greater part of us political autonomy is flexibility enough! The term 'autonomy' and the feeling of 'being autonomous' has surpassed the opportunity battle battled by our pioneers and comrades. What they looked for was an autonomous India and more than that the 'flexibility' to oversee ourselves and to be managed by some outside power! Tragically, we have accomplished the political autonomy yet just some level of genuine flexibility. Genuine opportunity is the thing that will transform our nation into a solid and joined India! What's more, every one of us ought to battle for it now!

poem on Independence day in english
poem on Independence day in English

Take for example the individual flexibility, an opportunity that can be practiced by one individual without damaging the other individual's flexibility. More or less, the opportunity to express my perspectives, do my own things without harming others' slants, and emotions and assessments. It is a piece of the common freedoms that shield a person from the legislature of the dwelling country setting limits for it so it can't mishandle its capacity and meddle unduly with the lives of its nationals. Presently what number of us can gladly say that we appreciate finish individual flexibility in our 'free' nation?! I am not addressing here the privileges of the administration in maintaining the rule that everyone must follow or rebuffing the blameworthy and stretching out security to its residents. Each administration has the privilege to do that! In any case, this is more about the lack of concern, of the legislature and a couple of people and gatherings, for the sake of standing, religion, custom, and sex that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way abuses my own opportunity to express my perspectives or do my own things! It is an incongruity that exclusive a chosen few have individual opportunity which is just abused in limiting the flexibility of others. There are more unwritten and implicit laws being taken after here than the standard composed ones on bound books, which are never taken after! A significant number of our laws are just 'said' in the correct soul however not 'done' in the correct way.
Wake up, India! 
It is startling that we have neglected to understand the gravity of the circumstance we are in. Or on the other hand is it like we have quietly surrendered to the official lack of care and gone numb to issues around us? Or on the other hand is it basically in light of the fact that we have lost the soul of battling that our pioneers and a great many residents in pre-autonomous India showed against the British? May be, it is a touch of every one of them. The opportunity battle for autonomous India was not scripted by Gandhi and Nehru and different pioneers alone, there were a great many individuals who stood up around then to battle. The main reason was they needed to be the bosses of their own predetermination, to encourage themselves and the nation, the absolute most essential persona that every last one of us is missing today! What we require today is opportunity, flexibility over all angles.

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Independence day poem in english
Independence day poem in English

                           poem on independence day 

We are two blossoms of the same branch,
A Muslim is the apple of His eyes; a Hindu, His heart.
One sky encompassing the Mother’s lap, as the sun and moon sway,
One blood inside the heart, one pulse in the nerve.

We all breathe the air of the same nation, and drink the same water too,
It is on the bosom of One Mother, where we bloom as flowers and fruits.
We are found on the same earth; some are burned, some buried,
We call upon our mother in the same languages, sing the same tune in our songs.

We cannot see clear in the Dark, so we busy ourselves in scruffles,
But when the Dawn comes shining, we’ll know we are all but Brothers.
When we will cry together in an embrace, and seek forgiveness from each other,
That will be the day, when with pride, our Nation will laugh as One.

Poet- Kazi Nazrul Islam

15 August Poem
15 August Poem

                           Independence day poem

The conqueror of the world, our tri-colour
Let our flag always fly high

It showers strength always
It oozes out love nectar
It gives pride to the brave
It is the heart and mind of Motherland
Let our flag always fly high

In the intense battle for independence
It gives josh to every moment
The enemy trembles after seeing it
(And for us) our fear and danger goes away
Let our flag always fly high

Under this flag we are fearless
And our intention is the birth of Swaraj
Shout Jay for Bharat Mata
Now our aim is independence
Let our flag always fly high

Come, beloved braves, come
Sacrifice everything for our nation
In one voice sing together
Beloved is our nation Bharat
Let our flag always fly high

Let its prestige never go away
Even if we give away our lives for that
Let Victory Victory be ours
Let our pledge be realised
Let our flag always fly high

                      Poem on Independence day in English

Where the mind is without fear
and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been

broken up into fragments by
narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from
the depth of truth;

Where tireless striving stretches
its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason
has not lost its way into the dreary

desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is lead forward by thee
into ever-widening thought and action-
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,

let my country awake."

15 August Poem in English
15 August Poem in English

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